High quality Rack Extensions and Reason ReFills from FSB6 patch designer Jiggery-Pokery. From vintage synth, organ and drum machine samples, to Thor patches and incredibly detailed guitars.

15th February 2016
TheJPS Harmonic Synthesizer is a beautiful and realistic emulation of the first digital, additive keyboard, the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer! With retro, lo-fi charm, and tons of unique character, this carefully modelled Rack Extension instrument is available now in the Propellerhead Shop.


JPS Harmonic Synthesizer from Jiggery-Pokery


All our commercial ReFills are available with instant downloads via Paypal.Please avoid use of e-cheques as they take several days to clear and therefore instant download will not be available!

Performance Telecaster ReFill


Guitars vol. 2: Performance Telecaster

The Fender Tele. For Reason 6. Proper job.

Whether it's hard-punking power chords for the Friday night rockers, or laidback blues on a rainy Monday afternoon, the Telecaster has the tone for you. Rhythm or Lead, clean or dirty, with three individually sampled pick-ups—a humbucker and a single-coil plus both together—you can switch between the fabulous deep woody Tele tone, and the famous Tele "twang" with ease.



Performance Stratocaster ReFill


Guitars vol. 1: Performance Stratocaster

The Fender Strat. For Reason 6. Proper job.

From low-gain funky riffs to massively overdriven modern lead guitar solos, the Performance Stratocaster will inspire you. No longer will we play air guitar in front of a full-length mirror. With pristine, exclusive new low-noise samples, featuring 4-alt keyswitching, over 200 chord strums and a plethora of Line6 setups inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Gilmour, Raitt and Frusciante, now you can add that famous guitar sound alongside your PH Studio Combo for your Reason band.



Retro Organs ReFill


Retro Organs ReFill v1.5

Farfisa Combo Compact, Vox Continental and B3 Tonewheels in a single ReFill!

The three defining organs of the pre-synth era: the B3, the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Combo Compact, gathered together with exclusive new content for Reason 6, include a suite or Pulveriser based modern and traditional rotary models and new setups featuring authentic single and dual rotary Leslie speakers from Line6. With default organs, effects and template patches from all three organ ReFills gathered conveniently into single folders in the ReFill root, this could be all the organy goodness you'll ever need! Also available as Rack Extensions!



Additions ReFill

Additions: Retro Additive Synthesizers

Old-school digital sounds with an addictive twist

When you can't Subtract any more from your sounds, then you've got to start Adding. With a sparkling variety of leads and pads from two classic, vintage additive/FM synthesizers, the
DK Synergy and the Kawai K5m, plus a host of virtual Combinators and the selig VocoSynth, Additions will be just what you need to cut through your mix. Nearly 3GB of uncompressed samples, and over 600 Combinator patches, including over 130 spectacular Multi-layered tones.

Download Additives, the free demo version, which includes unfettered access to selig VocoSynth.



Blue Meanie ReFill


Elements 2: Vector Synthesis Workstation

Make your sounds move with Vector Synthesis. With added Reason 6 patches

In this amazing and unique ReFill for Reason 5+, Vector Synthesis finally comes to the Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. Set the patch to evolve automatically or manually. With exclusive new samples from the Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Wavestation, Roland SC-8850 and now the Korg MS2000. Whether it's chilling ambient, progressive trance, or massive supersaws, Elements – it’s the stuff we are all made from.



Blue Meanie ReFill


Blue Meanie: Virtually an ARP 2600

Nearly 500 massive Thor patches for Reason 5, inspired by the classic synth

Designed to bring the semi-modular nature of the ARP 2600 into Reason, Blue Meanie uses multiple Thor units to emulate all the “modules” of original: three analogue VCOs, VCF, Noise, Sample & Hold, Voltage Processor, and audio-in processing, plus the addition of a Sub Osc for some low-end, woofer-wobbling grunt.



Retrospective ReFill


Retrospective: 40 years of synthesizer history

An epic ReFill of vintage synths and electronic keyboards

JPs' biggest project to date, the conversion of Hollow Suns' huge archive of samples into Reason. With over 600 patches for NNXT and Combinator from instruments including the Oberheim M1000 and M12, Yamaha CP70 piano and FS1R digital synth, digital glory from the PPG Wave 2, Moog Taurus, Korg M01, Eminent 310U and the Roland VP-330.



Kings of Kong ReFill


Kings of Kong Classic Drum Machine ReFill

50 classic beat machines plus new FX sets, the premier Reason 5 Kong ReFill

From AceTone to Yamaha, via Boss, Electro-Harmonix and Roland, Hollow Sun present not only their entire archive of 50 classic drum machines officially converted to Reason for the very first time, but programmed for Reason 5's new Kong Drum Designer device to boot!



Farfisa Combo Compact ReFill

Farfisa Combo Compact ReFill

The sound of the 60s plugged directly into your Reason rack

The Farfisa Combo Compact ReFill, featuring 24-bit, 44kHz samples and stunning Combinator skins — each with preset buttons to indicate the patch tones — this unique package gives you all the sounds of this classic transistor organ, including strings, piccolo, trumpet, percussion, pedal bass and the incredible multi-tone/all tone booster. Now available as a Rack Extension!




Vox Continental ReFill


Vox Continental ReFill

The famous sound of the classic Brit organ

The biggest of bands: The Beatles, The Animals, The Doors, The Quo. On both sides of the pond the Vox Continental was the defining organ sound of the 1960s. This Reason ReFill finally gives you a full set of tones from a 1970 Vox Continental 300. With lovingly recreated Combinator patches for the original orange top classic plus the later Super Continental and C300, you can have — for the first time ever in Reason — the real McCoy. Now available as a Rack Extension!



B3 Tonewheels ReFill

The most playable and versatile B3 sample ReFill available

With every footage, every percussion, drawbars utilising a ReMix unit, and (as with the real B3) a separate audio chain for vibrato and chorus (ie, vibrato is unaffected by chorus), combined with a uniquely powerful and versatile Leslie speaker emulation Combinator patch with separate horn and rotor controls, mic placement (distance and stereo amount) and amp drive, now you can finally create your own signature Hammond sound in Reason!




Hammond Novachord

The original polyphonic synthesizer – from 1939

This ReFilled reassembly is of a synthesizer so old it's almost an antique. With 24-bit samples provided by HS we present over 100 presets, many unique to this ReFill — including patches especially for Record 1.0 — you can now own a piece of this historic audio furniture. Licensed from Hollow Sun.