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Anansi Mid/Side Router

Mastering Spider, with integrated mono check, mergers and splitters
Anansi Mid-Side Router (Front View)
Anansi is an audio routing super-spider designed particularly for use in Reason’s Master Insert FX section, featuring a mid/side send/return splitter and a mono mix check facility.
With its clean lines and simple-to-use interface, this is the only mid/side splitter you need in your Master Inserts section.

Product Details

The Mid/Side section allows for splitting an incoming stereo single into two mono signals for separate processing and re-merging them. Up to three stereo signals can be run through a one-switch Mono Check function to check mono compatibility. Additionally there are basic three-channel merger and splitter sections.


Mid/Side encoding/decoding

  • Stereo in to mono mid and mono side send out and return to stereo out
  • Balance control for the mid/side output mix
  • Pass-through switch to output original unprocessed mid/side signal

Mono Check

  • Three selectable stereo inputs and one stereo output, switchable from stereo to mono sum for mono compatibility checking


  • Three switchable stereo ins to a single stereo out


  • One stereo in to three switchable stereo outs

Anansi RE includes several example preset Combinators compatible with Reason and Reason Intro and Reason Lite, plus several further examples using a number of additionally available Rack Extensions contemporary to the original release. To avoid introducing phase issues, as with any parallel processing use the same device chains for both mid and side send/return.



  • Patches are now included within the device for quick access from your Reason browser’s Rack Extension section. Includes several new presets
  • Fixed 2dB gain error when not processing
  • M/S lamps now on the output signal, rather than input



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