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Combo B3 Tonewheels Organ

Give yourself some lovin’: the classic B3 Organ, in a Rack Extension designed for Performance
Combo B3T (Front View)
Combo B3 Tonewheels brings to your Rack an addictively playable, truly dedicated and easy-to-use B3 organ emulation. With its compact and logical layout, it provides precisely the tools the Hammond aficionado needs: all nine drawbars, percussion console, the six mode vibrato/chorus scanner, key click and leakage adjustment, a flexible, highly tweakable rotary emulation which provides a performance-friendly brake/slow/fast control, plus ten internal and freely adjustable drawbar presets!
From jazz and blues to progressive rock and modern house, find your own signature B3 sound, or delve into the inspirational presets, inspired by artists as diverse as Deep Purple, Procol Harum, Ethel Smith and Booker T Jones.

Product Details

The Combo B3 Tonewheels RE brings the classic American tonewheel organ to life with a neat, one-box device. Its large, well-spaced controls make it easy to adjust the paramaters with a mouse, or hook it up to your favourite controller through Reason’s Remote™.

Combo B3T Organ features

Combo B3T Organ models the features found on the B3/C3 organs:

  • The original nine drawbars
  • Standard Percussion console (On/Off, Volume, Decay and 3rd/2nd Harmonic selector), with an additional selector to enable the 1′ drawbar even with percussion enabled
  • Percussion can be an authentic Polyphonic Legato playing style (held notes decay the percussion to silence until all notes released), or fully Polyphonic
  • Ten internal presets provide the ability to create, and get quick access to, pre-programmed drawbar settings, with type-able labels
  • Adjust a single preset live via mouse or via a Remote™ controller for spontaneous drawbar performance
  • 6-mode Vibrato/Chorus scanner; add increasing levels of vibrato (V1-3) and vibrato/chorus (C1-3). Vibrato rate and chorus level can be adjusted via back panel controls
  • Adjust the level of key off/on keyclick as required
  • Select from two different keyclick tones, and between triggering the keyclick at note on, or at both note on and off
  • Adjust the level of leakage (tonewheel crossover)
  • Transpose up or down one octave, for easier dual manual control
  • Control volume via your expression pedal
  • Dual reverb: use a rich Hall reverb, or the classic mono F/AR spring convolution reverb from Combo Compact RE, both with wet control. Hall reverb additionally features hall size adjustment on the rear panel
  • Tweakable rotary speaker emulator provides not just dual speaker rotaries such as the 145, but the flexibility to create single speaker rotaries such as the 125 or Vibratone, or you can match it with our enhanced modelled rotary speaker emulation in our effect device Psyclone Dual Rotary Speaker
  • Single speed control for Brake and Slow/Fast (chorale/tremolo) makes performance more flexible. Using Brake with Rotary On provides a nice spacious sound with no modulation
  • Three state Pulley Selector switches between a trio of rotation speeds
  • Disable either Rotor (bass) or Horn (treble) pulley
  • Adjust the acceleration speeds of the Rotor and Horn, and the crossover point
  • Set microphone positions in 3D: angle (mono to stereo width), height (balance between Rotor and Horn), and distance from cabinet
  • Adjust internal dimensions and reflectivity via the back panel
  • Five amp types with Drive, Tone and Presence controls, and add AC Hum distortion
  • 154 Combo B3T presets, including tracks such as A Whiter Shade of Pale, Hush, Gimme Some Lovin’ and Green Onions
  • 44 B3 Standard/Theatrical upper and lower manual presets
  • 82 NE2 B3 presets
  • Relative patch levels
  • 30 Classic Combinators including Dual Manual splits, and grouped drawbar controllers
  • 33 Creative Combinators featuring layered instruments and B3T



  • Added additional key-on click sound, Type II. The original click sound is now known as Type I
  • Key-click “note on and off” can now be set to trigger only at “note on”; these are labelled, respectively, “Mode A” and “Mode B”
  • Percussion legato now functions as expected with the new polyphonic legato function, including authentic fade-out; B3T and B3T patches now default to this mode. (This change won’t affect song files saved with Polyphonic mode selected, those will still default to the original v1.0 Polyphonic Percussion behaviour)
  • AC Hum now retriggers correctly
  • Vibrato depth on V|C 1 and V|C 2 has been marginally increased as they were felt to be a little too low
  • Fixed a specific situational error where Chorus would be on even when only Vibrato was selected


  • Engine update fixes a sustain pedal issue
  • “Combo” logo now aligns with the rest of the Combo range!


  • Rotary Speed knob has been changed based on user feedback: Slow Rotary speed is now the minimum value, Brake is now middle value
  • New patches




I think it's excellent, I just enjoy playing the instrument.
WOW!! Great job! The detail and nuances just sound SO good!
Jason Allen
It sounds so good!
Tate Bloom
I absolutely love the sound of the Combo B3 Tonewheels Organ
Tate Bloom
In the right hands is it gold. A friend is playing the B3 each time we meet to make music. Try it, you will not regret it!

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