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Pro FX Series

Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble (Front View)

Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble

The Hallelujah Chorus! Still the Propellerhead shop's top-rated modulation effect, this is the genuine article: a real 70s-style BBD chorus for your rack, for lush warmth and subtle thickening with no phasing or obvious modulation sweeping artifacts prevalent on standard software choruses. Try it now on your synths, guitars, and vocals. Forget the rest and fit the best. It's ever the Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble.

Pscylone Dual Rotary Speaker (Front View)

Psyclone Dual Rotary Speaker

It'll spin you right round like a record, baby: a proper Whirligig!

Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble (Front View)

Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble

Turn on the taps with only Reason's true and epic BBD-modelled delays. Now with stereo reverse feedback, in-loop filtering, reverb, and pre-delay delays!

The Animus BBD Shimmerverb Ensemble (Front View)

The Animus BBD Shimmerverb Ensemble

Enter a world of dreamy ambient heaven with Reason's premiere Shimmer Reverberation. Then we added five more of them, and some seriously long convolution reverbs.

Titus BBD Delay Line (Front View)

Titus BBD Delay Line

For those times times times times times when you just need one quality sample-accurate BBD or digital delay line, and one which can also pan the Dry signal so you don't need split it out a parallel channel!

Villanelle Killer Wah (Front View)

Villanelle Killer Wah