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JPS Harmonic Synthesizer v2 (Front View)

JPS Harmonic Synthesizer v2

An iconic classic from the early 1970s, the legendary additive synthesizer from RMI, lovingly restored for your Reason rack.

Champagne SuperNova (Front FX View) - Novachord

Champagne SuperNova Vintage Synthesizer

A unique and eerie polyphonic synthesizer ... from the 1930s! A legendary soundtarack machine: The Novachord. A rare and beautiful peiece of synth furniture, now stunningly rebuilt for Reason.

Ammo 1200BR (Front View)

Ammo Modular Oscillators 100LA / 400R / 1200BR

Available in three variants, the single oscillator 100LA, the four syncable oscillator 400R with internal mixer and routing bus, and the flagship 1200BR, which includes 8 further CV-rate LFOs, four of which can be routed internally or externally, in the Battery Low Frequency Ordnance Processor for automatic waveform and external audio crossfading and switching, and lo-fi S&H (sample and hold) effects.

Organs & Keys

Combo 310U (Front View)

Combo 310 Unique

The legendary Oxygène/Equinoxe organ, featuring the world's most beautiful synthesized string ensemble: it's the Eminent 310U.

Combo B3T (Front View)

Combo B3 Tonewheels

Give yourself some lovin'! Go all out with the classic B3 Organ in a Rack Extension designed for Performance!

Combo Compact (Front View)

Combo Compact

Careful with that axe, Eugene: it's the Pink Floyd organ! Get a dose of psychedelia with your own Farfisa Compact. Stack a pair of them in a Combi for a double-dose and climb towards the light!

Combo Continental (Front View)

Combo Continental

The ruin of many a poor boy, the spikey British transistorized favourite. The orange is future.

Combo Electric Harpsichord (Front View) - Baldwin

Combo Electric Harpsichord

Because we can, another rare treat from JPS: the Baldwin Solid Body Harpsichord for Reason!

Combo X~705 Space Organ (Front View)

Combo X~705 Space Organ

From deep within the magnetic fields, comes a magical organ from space. With a Hawaiian guitar...

Melodic Electric Glockenspiel (Front View) - Delicia

Melodic Electric Glockenspiel

Delirious, delightful, delicious, de-lovely Delicia


barCHIMES Concert Mark Tree (Front View)

barCHIMES Concert Mark Tree

Chime hard with a vengeance with our new optimus chimes. No pun was left behind.

Republik Handheld Percussion (Front View)

Republik Handheld Percussion

Go folk yourself—strictly handheld!—with this wonderful collection of esoteric and classic African, Latin and European percussion instruments.