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Retro Organs


The final ReFill version of our Combo RE range. While we now strongly recommend the Rack Extension versions, which provide lovely user-interfaces for parameter selection and performance, there may be users who prefer the original NNXT format or just want the cheapest way to get these fully sampled organs and don’t need the GUIs. So here we provide all these organs for £29.95. We would suggest paring it with our wonderful Psyclone Dual Rotary Speaker, which includes patches designed specifically for each of the three organs.

This version was built for Reason 6 and above, and contains the three defining organs of the pre-synth era: the B3, the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Combo Compact, in one exceptional ReFill.

The Farfisa Combo Compact, featuring 24-bit, 44kHz samples and stunning Combinator skins — each with preset buttons to indicate the patch tones — this unique package gives you all the sounds of this classic Italian trannie, including strings, piccolo, trumpet, percussion, pedal bass and the incredible multi-tone/all tone knee booster, now mapped handily to an expression pedal.

Containing over 50 Combinator patches, including all presets from the original Compact manual plus models of some famous Farfisa tracks, such as early Pink Floyd (See Emily Play, Scarecrow, Astronomy Domine), the ReFill is designed for live performance in mind with modwheel vibrato/tremolo and expression pedal swell, and template patches set up for live playing allowing you to swap sounds on the fly. Get psychadelic and add a Cordovox Rotary Speaker or Binson Echorec effects models.

This 1965 vintage piece gear might occasionally hum and growl at you, but the wee beastie can handle any type of music you can throw at it — be it rock, pop, blues, classical organ or even electronica. And as an added bonus, this model doesn’t weigh anything!

The biggest of bands: The Beatles, The Animals, The Doors, The Quo. On both sides of the pond the Vox Continental was the defining organ sound of the 1960s. This Reason ReFill finally gives you a full set of 16/44 samples from a 1970 Vox Continental 300. With lovingly recreated Combinator patches for the original orange top classic plus the later Super Continental and C300, you have – for the first time ever in Reason – access to 16′, 8′, 4′, 2′, II, III and IV tones, percussion 8′, 4′, 2′ and Bass 16′ and 8′.

Choose from one of over 50 Combinator presets, including models of tones used by the above artists, then play your Continental live with modwheel vibrato and expression pedal swell, plug in a Line 6 USB Pod Farm and play through it’s AC30 amp simulation for a truly authentic sound (Record users only), change the tone with the Combinator front panel and the ReMix footage drawbars, or add a Cordovox Rotary Speaker or Binson Echorec effects models, this ReFill will send you back in time to all the summer of love.

And lastly, the classic Hammond B3.

With every footage, every percussion, drawbars utilising a ReMix unit, and – as with the real B3 – a separate audio chain for vibrato and chorus (ie, vibrato is unaffected by
chorus), combined with a uniquely powerful and versatile Leslie speaker emulation Combinator patch with separate horn and rotor controls, mic placement (distance and stereo amount) and amp drive, now you can finally create your own signature Hammond sound in Reason!

This ReFill contains nearly 100 presets, all filenames containing the drawbar settings and with individual Combinator skins showing the drawbars and containing all the samples to create any tone from any patch. All the Hammond presets are included, plus models of sounds used by the likes of Booker T., Ethel Smith, Joey de Francesco and Jimmy Smith. With modwheel vibrato, chorus (fully controllable through a separate ReMix drawbar unit), expression swell, you then can add the Leslie effect Combinator as and when you need it or not, it’s your choice (Booker.T tended not to, Ethel most certainly did!). Additionally there are NNXT patches of all the individual footages in several formats, including fixed vibrato and a reduced sampleset version for your laptop. There is even a dual-manual+pedals RNS for the really dedicated Hammondist! With 24-bit/44kHz samples, recorded with just a touch of drive, this monster bites and will need to be tamed! B3 Tonewheels: the original B3 set for Reason.


Please note this legacy ReFill is presented “as is”, and does contain some Combinators that included amp devices which were later removed from Reason. Those patches will still open correctly, but will be missing the additional sound design provided by those original devices. For some baffling reason that’s never been adequately explained, the replacement Softube Amps default to “Off” rather than “Bypassed”.