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Anansi Mid-Side Router (Front View)

Anansi Mid/Side Router

Mastering Spider, with integrated mono check, mergers and splitters. (Free Download)

Charlotte Enveloper Generator & MIDI Chord Splitter (Front View)

Charlotte Envelope Generator & MIDI Chord Splitter

7-stage MSEG with note off triggering, with 7-mode chord splitting and CV Note/Gate distribution.

Itsy Audio/Phase Inverter (Front View)

Itsy Audio/Phase Inverter

Instant stereo switching and pan-inverting width controller. (Free Download)

Lolth CV Delay Splitter (Front View)

Lolth CV Delay Splitter

4-channel invertible CV splitter with delay offset. (Free Download)

Miranda CV Delay Merger (Front View)

Miranda CV Delay Merger

4-channel invertible CV merger with delay offset. (Free Download)

Mordred Audio Merger (Front View)

Mordred Audio Bypass Merger

4-channel audio merger with auto-fade. (Free Download)​

Shelob Audio Splitter (Front View)

Shelob Audio Bypass Splitter

4-channel audio splitter with auto-fade. (Free Download)​


TMA-1 Commentator

Quick notes in your rack. (Free Download)

TMA-4 Commentator (Front View)

TMA-4 Commentator

Quick notes in your rack, with patch-saving. (Free Download)

TMA-9 Commentator (Front View)

TMA-9 Commentator

Jupiter and beyond the Infinite. (Free Download)