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Itsy Audio/Phase Inverter

Instant stereo switching and pan-inverting width controller
Itsy Audio/Phase Inverter (Front View)
Itsy is a compact dedicated super-spider for managing stereo signals, from flipping left and right channels, to width control and phase inversion. Unlike Reason’s SSL channel Width control, Itsy can reduce both the stereo field to mono, and also invert the channels, giving you flexible width and stereo inversion in one handy, CV-controllable knob.

Product Details

Itsy features independent left and right channel phase inversion switches and a corresponding correlation (phase) meter for checking the phase of your stereo signal. At +1 both L+R are in-phase, and means you have a mono signal; at -1 the signal is entirely out-of-phase. Stereo signals will typically be between -0.5 and +0.5. The phase controls can be applied to the stereo inverter, or the phase section can be split from the stereo inverter and used on a second signal instead.


Stereo Inverter

  • Stereo auto-routing to selected device
  • Single switch channel left-to-right, right-to-left audio flipping: no more tabbing and cable swapping!
  • Spread knob to adjust full width stereo signal to mono and back to full stereo but with the channels reversed
  • Front-mounted Mod knob to control CV trim for automating the Spread knob with an external LFO

Phase Inverter

  • Independently invert the phase of left and/or right channels

Correlation (phase) meter

  • Visually check the phase of your stereo signal from -1 (out of phase) to +1 (mono)
  • The Meter is also available to view when the device is Folded!

Please note for that reasons out of our control, Itsy is listed under “Effects”, not “Utilities”, in the Reason device manager.

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