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Miranda CV Delay Merger

4-channel invertible CV merger with delay offset.
Miranda CV Delay Merger (Front View)
The veritable Army of Reason Superspider Enhancement marches onward with advanced, flexible and user-friendly CV management tools. Miranda is the second of these, the CV Delay Merger.
Miranda gives you an additional Reason to weave the most intricate and controllable of webs.

Product Details

This amazingly versatile replacement for the Reason CV Merger, Miranda is a 16-in/4-out CV merger with adjustable CV level output and inversion control for each split.


User-typeable Channel labels

  • Make handy reminders of the connections to each Channel
  • The label can be typed on the front or the back

Master Gain

  • Allows you to control all sixteen output levels at once
  • x2 to boost Thor CV output to full range

Stripe out for 16-in/1-out CV merging

  • Auto-route a CV input to all available channel/s for up to 16 splits from one signal

Four separate CV merger channels

  • Four channels each with four alphabetically-named splitter sub-channels
  • All merges are independently adjustable for both level and signal inversion

CV Delay

  • The output of each Channel group can be tempo-sync delayed to easily provide offset signals
  • Chain Channels to create additional delay lengths

Externally controllable outs

  • Connect per-Channel LFO inputs to trigger Channel output using a gate.signal and/or modulate the output levels
  • All parameters are automatable



  • Added millisecond delay option
  • Added user-typeable labels


  • Lamps now reflect positive (ON) and negative (OFF) values of LFOs, offering an approximate indication of the signal polarity
  • Miranda will now no longer fall out of the Rack due to lack of nuts on the rack screws

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