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Charlotte Envelope Generator & MIDI Chord Splitter

7-stage MSEG with note off triggering, with 7-mode chord splitting and CV Note/Gate distribution
Charlotte Enveloper Generator & MIDI Chord Splitter (Front View)
Inspired by the multi-stage envelopes found on such 80s luminaries such as the Kawai K5/K5m and Casio CZ range, Charlotte is the most advanced Envelope Generator (EG) module for Reason, offering a versatile 9-stage envelope with independent time, level and curve control for each stage.
And that’s not all!
In addition, Charlotte also has a seven-mode, priority-determining chord splitter, supporting up to eight notes to eight independent sets of EG, CV (note) and Gate outputs, for distributing complete chords to multiple monophonic instruments such as Ammo, Tres, and A-Series 1.

Product Details

A dedicated EG device for Reason!

Whether sculpting long pads or adding some precise modulation or release noises to your basses and leads, Charlotte has what you need to create envelopes that are as simple or exotic as you want. Use Charlotte to control the envelopes of multiple instruments in a Combinator, or to create chords using multiple mono targets.


9-stage envelope generator

  • 5-stage key-on section
  • Sustain section: gate hold, or time hold (loop mode only)
  • 3-stage key-off release section
  • Stage 9 (Release) can be set to a constant output level for drone effects
  • Loopable Stages 1-6
  • Adjustable Stage Time 0ms-20s, 1/128-16/1
  • Adjustable Stage Level (except Stage 6)
  • Finely adjustable exponential/linear/logarithmic Stage Curve -1.0 to +1.0 (except Stage 6)
  • Key velocity to Time and Level modulation, Aftertouch velocity to Level modulation
  • Two retrigger modes: Reset (from zero) and CF (from previous value)
  • Envelope meter shows current envelope value. (Shows the envelope of the highest priority note when Voices is not set to ALL)
  • Stage LED lamps show current Stage
  • Set the polyphony to mono via the back panel

Chord Splitter

  • Play notes and chord directly into Charlotte and split them to separate instruments though the VEGN Group outputs (Voice, Envelope, Gate Note CV outs)
  • ALL Voice mode sends all notes to all outputs, with a single EG
  • Voice=[X] sends a fixed number of notes from a chord to a specific output with its own EG
  • Select from seven Priority modes, six with “Chord Catch Adjust”, a time window that ensures all the notes of your chord are captured at a wide range of tempos and distributed correctly
  • Provides a more predictable output to multiple instruments, e.g., Low will always send the lowest note of the chord to VEGN Group 1

Built-in Amp EG

  • Connect an audio input/output to run the EG on the output
  • Independent scale control of envelope to L/R channels
  • Independent envelope delay to either or both channels, available in ms or tempo synced via the back panel
  • Input/Output audio notification LEDs

Everything Automation!

  • All front panel parameters can be automated


  • Charlotte includes a number of preset demonstration Combinators



  • Fixed bug involving incorrect gate operation when using input from sequencer devices like Matrix/RPG-8/AutoTheory/AutoArp into Charlotte
  • Added auto-routing for Sequencer Note/Gate cables from such sequencer devices.


  • Added Patch Browser
  • Changed loop lamp colour to a fetching Seville orange



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