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TMA-1 Commentator

Quick notes in your rack.

It was a rectangular slab, three times his height but narrow enough to span with his arms, and it was made of some completely transparent material; indeed, it was not easy to see except when the rising sun glinted on its edges. It was certainly rather attractive, and though he was wisely cautious of most new things, he did not hesitate for long before sidling up to it. As nothing happened, he put out his hand, and felt a cold, hard surface. As the shadows lengthened, and the light drained from the sky, the crystal began to glow. Tantalising, ill-defined phantoms moved across its surface and in its depths. They coalesced into bars of light and shadow, then formed intermeshing, spoked patterns that began slowly to rotate.

Product Details

A professional-grade 1U rack spacer and notepad.

With its clean lines and a simple, plain fascia, TMA-1 Commentator features a lighter font with a wider input range for easy-to-read text that maximizes your remarks. TMA-1 has a title line plus two lines of comments on the front; the back uses the same title line plus an extra comment line in the middle.

The TMA Commentator series rack spacers include all Reason colours on their colourwheels, plus a selection of beautiful geometric designs and a selection of developer logos.



  • Added red line feature (front panel only)
  • Added additional logos

Excerpt from “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke




The TMA Commentators —lifesavers in complex combinators

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