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Titus BBD Delay Line

For those times when you just want one quality delay line, which can also pan the Dry signal.
Titus BBD Delay Line (Front View)
When you need a single delay line and the ability to pan your dry signal, then Titus is the tool for the job. A simple-to-use DDL-1 alternative, it is based on a single Steerpike channel, and offers both analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) and DDL (Digital Delay Line) delay types, forward or reverse delay, and up to 8 seconds of delay time.
Whether you want a delay time of 16/2, 1/256, 3/11, 1/5, 2/9, or the default 3/16, just dial it in. You also can set the delay time in milliseconds/seconds or as a number of delay line stages.
Inspired by classic delay pedals, Titus can be used as a modular delay device with its compact 1U or half-U formats.

Product Details


  • Single delay line with tap input/output and adjustable tap in feedback control
  • Reverse delay
  • Eight seconds of delay time
  • Mono in to panned out, like DDL-1, or stereo in to dual mono/stereo out with balance control (DDL-1 sums stereo inputs to mono before the delay line)
  • Trigger-able Delay Line Input button gates the audio input into Titus without clearing the delay line; ideal for infinite “loop” style delay by cutting off new input and allowing the dry signal to continue to play separately
  • Select vintage BBD or modern DDL (aka IDL, Interpolated Delay Line) delay types
  • Fixed low pass anti-aliasing filter in BBD mode
  • No low pass filter is used in DDL mode, providing a full frequency range option
  • Fixed internal clock rate for BBD mode
  • Set delay time via BBD stages, milliseconds/seconds, or tempo sync
  • Set tempo sync duration from 1-16
  • Set any tempo synced bar/beat subdivision from /2 to /16 inclusive, plus all halved and triplet subdivisions up to /256
  • View and adjust both Duration and Subdivision in the same display
  • Level (phase invertible with high pass), Pan, Feedback, and Harmonic Distortion controls
  • Separate Level and Pan (mono input) or left/right balance (stereo input) control for the Dry signal positioning makes using Titus as a quick, single-delay insert effect much easier, as no additional mixer is required to set the Dry pan
  • Space-saving folded view provides always-available access to Delay Time/Delay Time Selector, Delay Line Gate, Level, Pan and Feedback



  • Titus now uses custom displays. Shift (precise) and Ctrl (reset) modifiers are available
  • Tempo Sync modes now display both Duration and Subdivision values side-by-side, and both can be adjusted from the same view
  • Updated user guide


  • Beautiful new design by esselfortium




Titus BBD Delay! I use it on most of my tracks. It is neat and perfect!
A good and simple low-CPU building block. It's everything DDL-1 should have been.
Titus is a fun fellow
I got it just for the reverse function which turns out to be handy in a quicky get it done situation, and than I realized it's got nice tone, and a bunch of other handy features like tap out, easy stereo panning...the list goes on...

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