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Shelob Audio Bypass Splitter

4-channel audio splitter with auto-fade
Shelob Audio Splitter (Front View)
Not your typical, common-or-garden Spider, Shelob is the first super-arachnid for Reason: a 4-in/20-out audio splitter.
Each channel features one stereo in and five stereo outs: a pass-through, plus four independent splits. All outputs feature an off/on toggle switch and visual feedback of channel activity, plus the ability to create a time-adjustable auto-fade for the channel switches.

Product Details

Shelob is the first in the series of Super-Spider Utility devices, designed specifically for workflow-enhancing audio routing applications in Reason.


User-typeable Channel labels

  • Make handy reminders of the connections to each Channel
  • The label can be typed on the front or the back

Fade control

Three-mode fade-time adjustment for the switches: – Instant – Linear fade (1-100ms) – Analogue-modeled capacitor-discharge fade (100ms-20s).

Stripe input mirroring

  • Auto-route an incoming signal to the next available channel/s

Four separate stereo audio splitter channels

  • Four input channels each with four alphabetically-named splitter sub-channels
  • All the sub-channels are independently switchable

Passthrough/Group On-Off switch

  • Use a channels Pass output jacks as an additional “dry” output, and the Pass switch to select between either the split signals or the dry signal
  • Leave the pass jacks unconnected and use the Pass switch itself to turn the whole channel on and off

Grouped splits

  • Use multiple Shelob channels to create groups of effects



  • Added user-typeable labels
  • Shelob will now no longer fall out of the Rack due to lack of nuts on the rack screws


  • Required graphics update and general GUI enhancement

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