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TMA-4 Commentator

Quick notes in your rack, with patch-saving!
TMA-4 Commentator (Front View)
The hard black material of the slab had resisted all the rather mild attempts that had been made to obtain samples. They had no doubt that a laser beam would cut into it—for surely, nothing could resist that frightful concentration of energy—but the decision to employ such violent measures would be left to Floyd. It was the mark of a barbarian to destroy something one could not understand.
Even in the brilliant earthlight, it was hard to see the object clearly; his first impression was a flat rectangle, that might have been cut out of carbon paper; it seemed to have no thickness at all. Of course, this was an optical illusion; though he was looking at a solid body, it reflected so little light he could see it only in silhouette.

Product Details

A professional-grade 4U rack spacer and notepad.

With its clean lines and a simple, plain fascia, TMA-4 Commentator features a light font with a wide input range for easy-to-read text that maximizes your remarks. In addition, comments can be saved for recall later. A set of useful presets, including bulleted and numbered is included. TMA-4 has a title line plus eleven lines of comments available on the front, while the back uses the same title line plus ten extra comment lines, allowing you to make extensive and shareable notes for yourself, for collaborators, or other Reason users.

The TMA Commentator series rack spacers include all Reason colours on their colourwheels, an automatable “red-line” marker to follow your lyrics/notes throughout a track, plus a selection of beautiful geometric designs and a selection of developer logos.



  • Added red line feature (front and back)
  • Back panel placeholder has been moved allowing full-width lines
  • Added additional logos

Excerpt from “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke




The TMA Commentators —lifesavers in complex combinators

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