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Combo Continental Organ

The ruin of many a poor boy, the spikey British transistorized favourite.
Combo Continental (Front View)
A design and sound icon. A British classic. It’s the Vox Continental organ. The definitive transistor organ sound is now available in the format everyone wants: an easy-to-use organ Rack Extension in your Reason studio.
With its dual tone drawbars that can be used separately or in combination, this c.1973 vintage piece gear might occasionally hum and growl at you, but the brightly coloured beast can handle any type of music you can throw at it — be it rock, pop, blues, classical organ or modern electronica and EDM with a vintage twist.
Get that instant sparkle of 60s pop charm or deep 70s ska to your tracks, and immediately evoke a recognizable and bygone age in a way that analogue modelling cannot describe.
The future, like the past, is bright. It’s orange.

Product Details

The Combo Continental brings the fantastic British organ to life with its easily selectable footage and effect controls, all wrapped up in in a handy Reason Rack Extension format.


Combo Continental Organ is a sample-based model of the dual manual Continental 300 organ:

  • Full set of Continental 300 footages including the classic single manual “orange top” set
  • 16′, 8′, 4′, IV mixture [single manual]
  • 2′, and mixtures II and III [dual manuals]
  • Foundation and Reed tone adjustment drawbars [all]
  • 12-note Bass Section (C0-B2) with adjustable tone and 16′ or 8′ footages [300]
  • Six user-adjustable drawbar presets
  • Separate Bass Section audio output [all]
  • Percussion Section 8′, 4′ and II mixture with decay adjust and sustain select [300]
  • Adjustable Vibrato [all]
  • Selectable Expression Pedal for swell [all]
  • Original F/AR spring convolution reverb from the Combo Compact Organ, exclusive to the Retro Organs 2.0 range, provides an exceptional spring reverb tone
  • High and low shelf EQ
  • Tube or transistor-style amp model with drive adjust
  • 136 Combo Continental patches
  • 24 instrument Combinators
  • 8 additional instrument Combinators utilising RE FX, including Propellerhead Rotor

Interesting note

Our Continental 300 was later sold to Jerry Dammers, former keyboard player for The Specials!



  • Engine update fixes issue with sustain pedal
  • Improved low noise filtering


  • C300 preset section added
  • Engine update fixes a number of minor issues
  • Vibrato is now global, not per note
  • Fixes an error where saving a patch with zero reverb can cause an incorrect reverb amount to applied
  • Fixes an issue where attempting to retrigger a note already playing will hang the device
  • A few extra patches added





A faithful and great-sounding digital emulation that immediately recalls the Doors, the Monkees and other bands of decades past.
Robin Bigwood
Sound on Sound, October 2014

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