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Villanelle Killer Wah

Please cry, baby.
Villanelle Killer Wah (Front View)
At last! The Reason wah-wah plugin, and one you’ll reach for again and again! Featuring a selection of your favourite wah-pedal frequency ranges in a small, convenient and easy-to-use package.

Product Details

Villanelle makes it easy for you to select and control your wah-wah. An additional “Envelope Follower” page for an experimental auto-wah is hidden behind the speaker grille, or you can add a traditional auto-wah via an external CV input.

  • 13 Wah types, including eight classic pedal ranges with the correct peak widths and levels, and gain compensation across their ranges, plus one unique pedal range, a trio of triple-peak psychopaths, and two comb-filter auto-wahs
  • Onboard auto-wah via a built-in envelope follower
  • “Mod Wheel Mode” for direct Wah-Wah control from your keyboard’s modulation wheel via a selected sequencer or from within an instrument-based Combinator for easy instrument + wah performance
  • Gentle colouring of the top end for analog-style warmth




That wah sounds so good

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