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Performance Guitars – Stratocaster & Telecaster


Two great keyswitch guitars in one giant ReFill.

Guitars vol. 1: Performance Stratocaster

For nearly 60 years the bright tones of the Fender Stratocaster have been the go-to electric guitar sound for thousands of guitarists.

Now, in a guitar-Filled first for Reason 6, JP presents a stunning, keyswitch-enabled Stratocaster set, in pristine 24-bit, to sit right alongside the Propellerhead Studio Combo range.

The guitar sampled for the Performance Stratocaster ReFill is a 1994 Fender Stratocaster, featuring a two-piece alder body, maple headstock with rosewood fretboard and a single-coil pick-up, for an original Strat sound. Every note of every fret was recorded, and were made at a bit depth and samplerate of 24/88.2 with a direct low-noise mic-level input and then downsampled to 24/44.1.

The zip file contains both 24-bit and 16-bit versions of the ReFill.


  • Picks with three velocity layers and release resonance
  • Hammer-ons (fretboard string tapping) with two velocities
  • Bridge mutes (also two velocities)
  • Fret slides – up 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones, and down 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones
  • Select up to 5 of these patches for live keyswitching between them
  • Choose from 10 alternative string-to-keyboard maps, to favour higher or lower strings or for special effects, or directly load one particular string into all the keyswitch positions
  • Release-and-mute string resonance
  • Over 200 chords: downstrokes and upstrokes with three velocities, including Major and 4,6,7,11; Minor 4,6,7,7b5; augmented (three inversions); sus2,4; and diminished
  • Select up to 5 chords for live keyswitching, and even add mute slaps
  • Fret, release, and pick noises and AC hum, all with independently adjustable levels
  • Sustain and expression pedals mapped to Line 6 amp Wah-Wah, Mod wheel adds tremolo and Aftertouch provides string “micro-bending” vibrato
  • Adjust the “pick-up position” tone (bridge/middle/neck) and access a number of other effects via the Combinator front panel
  • 202 NN-XT files covering all strings, pick styles and chords, and string mappings
  • 99 Combinators covering all templates and signature setups in full and reduced sample versions, and special setups


Guitars vol. 2: Performance Telecaster

One great guitar, three amazing tones: It’s the Tele. Multi-sampled. For Reason.

Three Pick-Up Positions

Extensive multi-sampling for all three pick-up positions of a 2010 Telecaster: ’59 SD Humbucker (dual-coil) for a deep woody tone, TM Single Coil for leads with some classic Tele “twang”, and Mid, both pick-ups for a full range tone. Whether playing lead or rhythm, choose from Single Pick-up Combinators, or go super-size and try the Triple Pick-Up Combinators and switch between all three pick-up positions whenever you need.

Rock out with Power Chords

For the heavy rockers and punks out there, a massive suite of power chords (root+fifth) on the Low E/A, A/D and D/G strings (20 multi-velocity power chords per string, per pick-up), keyboard mapped for two hand strumming. Switch between sustained and palm-muted power chords on-the-fly, and use key-switching to add up or down power-slides. All power chords and slides feature per-note samples, and the sustained and palm-mutes feature Alt velocity maps with timing variances.

Blues chords

One octave of blues chords (maj, maj7, m, m7), keyboard mapped for one hand down/upstroke strumming, with mute slap keyswitch.

Lead Tele

Choose from a variety of key-switches and string mappings, multi-velocity lead sustained, hammer-on and palm-muted tones, plus slide up or down 1, 2, 7 and 12 semitones, with up to eight different NN-XT string mappings to favour higher or lower strings.

Fret and string noise mixing

Individually mix fret slide noise, pick-noise, release noise and release resonance.

Inspirational Tele signature setups for PodFarm and useful presets

Fifteen more rigs inspired by some famous Tele users, including Syd Barrett, Muddy Waters, Graham Coxon, Chrissie Hynde, Albert Collins, PJ Harvey, Bob Dylan, Quo (Rossi/Parfitt), plus exclusive new JP rig patches, including hiTogh-gain monsters for your power chords! There are 124 Combinator setups covering rhythm and lead tones and esoteric patches such as Talkboxes, and separate string Combis, all set to play with Mod (Tremolo), Sustain+Expression (Wah) and Aftertouch (Vibrato), with an additional 121 “Light” versions of the full Combinators for reduced memory footprint.


Please note this legacy ReFill is presented “as is”, and was expressly divised to make full use of a native Reason device that were later removed from Reason. While patches will still open correctly, they will be missing the additional sound design provided by those original devices. For some baffling reason that’s never been adequately explained, the replacement Softube Amps default to “Off” rather than “Bypassed”.

An additional patchbank was created that removed the now-lost device. Please use this patchbank instead. If you have PodFarm Platinum VST, you can use the original Combinators and replace the replaced amps with that, and then use the included PodFarm patches.