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Blue Meanie – Virtual ARP 2600


Monster, monster!

It’s “Blue Meanie”, a Thor-based ReFill inspired by that venerable analogue classic, the ARP 2600.

Designed for Reason 5 — making full use of the Combinator v3, each of nearly 500 patches includes all oscillators and module types found on the 2600: 3 analogue VCOs, Noise, Sample & Hold, spring reverb, a pseudo-voltage processor for oscillator-formed wave modulation, audio-in modulation and electronic switching. Additionally, there is a dedicated Sub-Oscillator to add that low-end grunt.

And best of all, all of the above can be used together, any time you like. You want to add some percussive noise to that non-percussive patch? Just dial it in. You want to turn VCO 1 into a classic S&H effect? Just press the “make it awesome effect” button on the Noise Osc!

The ReFill has a wide selection of rich, sub-woofer rumbling patches: pads, choirs, bells, strings, brasses, organs, big leads, sequences/arps, mighty FX, and, of course, some serious bass. It’s a collection of good, old fashioned and useable sounds; every patch has been tweaked several times.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are five spanking new AM drum kits for Kong, again featuring the “voltage processor”, a floor-trembling Sub-Osc Kick and switchable routing through Thor’s filters and effects.


  • Noise and S&H audio, with their own envelopes, routed into the master VCF (Filter 1); S&H also prerouted to provide CV modulation for the VCO 1, levels adjustable via the Thor front panels
  • Sub-Oscillator, with its own envelopes/effects path and separate audio out to the Mixer
  • Select off/on and from 2 octave settings on the Combinator
  • Virtual Voltage Processor. Use 3 of Thors’ oscillator types and an audio input to create up to four unique waveform cv signals that are routed to the Combinator v3 CV Ins, which can then be routed to any targetable function in the entire patch for slider/knob animation so you can see what the waves are doing
  • Use spare oscillator slots in Noise Osc and Sub Osc to add additional layers, and of course, change any of Blue Meanies’ default Analogue Oscillator types to any of the other types in Thor
  • Thor-sequencer Blue Meanie patches with the sequences on the Noise Osc, allowing you to select any Thor patch for the VCO, with sequence playback running on all three sound modules. RPG-8-based patches also run VCO, Noise and Sub Osc
  • Six Analogue Modelling drum kits, available as Kong and in Combinator patches, plus all the individual .drum patches for mixing and matching
  • Drum kits Combinators also feature a Sub-Kick Thor unit: choose from eight preset kicks – or create your own! – to trigger automatically alongside the Kong kick, again with a two octave selection from the Combinator
  • ReDrum triggered Kong setup Combi, with the RD labels brought over from the Kings of Kong ReFill
  • Every VCO Thor patch available in a separate group of folders
  • 7 template Blue Meanie Combi patches offering various preset patch types, including Electronic Switch for the VCO module LFO1
  • One .rns Blue Meanie template and one .record template, with automation lanes for the various modules set up for you to copy and paste into your project
  • Stunning updated ARP 2600 skinset, with empty label alternates for typing, a non-cabled version, and a matching skin for your effect Combis
  • Expression and Aftertouch enabled
  • And of course, JP’s traditional PDF user manual: a bit of a whopper this time at 20 pages, breaking the setup down module by module, and how to get the most out of them by shaping the sounds to your every whim