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Retrospective – 40 years of synthesizer history


The Hollow Sun synthesizer and electronic keys archive in a single epic collection

JP is pleased to present the archive of classic and esoteric electronica, licensed from HS, in an exclusive package for Reason. The Retrospective ReFill has been four decades in the making!

Retrospective includes 550+ NNXT patches with nearly 1Gb of samples, covering a range of analogue and digital sounds, including large sets of sounds from the PPG Wave, Oberheim M1000, Korg M01 and Yamaha FS1R. The ReFill consists of samplesets from the following instruments:

Yamaha FS1R (143 NNXT patches) Oberheim M1000 (114) Korg M01 (89) PPG Wave (49) Roland SH101 (21) Eminent 310U (17) Hollow Sun 50s Sci-Fi (17) Roland VP330 (12) Moog microMoog (11) Moog Taurus (11) [with per-note samples not in the demo version] E-mu Emulator II (8) Fairlight IIx CMI (8) Mellotron (8) Moog Voyager (8) Oberheim M12 (8) ARP Solina (5) Elka Synthex (5) Ensoniq SQ-R (4) Multivox MX202 (4) Dubreq Stylophone (4) Moog Opus (3) Delicia Melodic (3) Yamaha CP70 (3) RMI Electrapiano (2) Roland RS202 (3) Crumar Performer (2) Electronika EM-25 (2)

There are default Combinator patches for each instrument, plus 101 layered Combi patches, and the user guide PDF, written by Steve Howell, gives you a brief history of each instrument.

______________________ Please note this legacy ReFill is presented “as is”, and does contain some Combinators that included amp devices which were later removed from Reason. Those patches will still open correctly, but will be missing the additional sound design provided by those original devices. For some baffling reason that’s never been adequately explained, the replacement Softube Amps default to “Off” rather than “Bypassed”.


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