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Kings of Kong – Classic Drum Machine Collection


All 50 drum machines from the Hollow Sun archive, plus three additional JP sets, fully mapped for the Kong Drum Designer. And exclusively sampled for this ReFill, two full Korg X5D FX kits. The hard work has been done: all you have to do is play!


  • 64 drum machine presets for Kong, mapped for performance-friendly pad controllers
    • consistent pad naming and pad mapping wherever practical
    • hit Type labels on every drum patch clearly indicates alternative sounds
  • 55 drum machine presets for NNXT, mostly mapped with essential GM locations (C1–D#2)
  • Two 6-octave FX kits from the Korg X5D, sampled exclusively for this ReFill.
  • Two King Kong patches programmed by Jiggery-Pokery featuring full 16-pad Analogue Modelling and Physical Modelling drum sounds
  • 20 Kongbinator patches with different Reason effects applied
    • designed for live performance with Sustain, Expression and Aftertouch as well as Pitch and Mod programmed
  • The Kongbinator “Sequencer with Flams” patch
    • 16 Matrix sequencers to trigger each pad, plus a Thor flam sequencer trigger
    • two pads feature variable Flam (on/off, ms, decay and release)
    • includes two methods of live flam triggering—sustain pedal and keyswitching
  • Kongbinator sequencer patch with Kong controlled by two ReDrum modules, 1–8 and 9–16
    •  29 blank wave files to load into ReDrum to act as labels
  • 102 REX loops for six Combinator rhythm boxes
    • six classic rhythm machines including the granddaddy, the Acetone Rhythm King
    • Kong pads mapped to REX loops
    • trigger and hold loops with your controller via Thor- or Matrix- flavoured patches
    • press more than one pad to play multiple rhythms, as was possible on the real machines
  • 42 exclusive Line 6 Pod Farm FX box patches for Record 1.5
  • Unique skin for each drum machine model
  • Sample folders by drum machine and by type (19 folders covering kicks, snares, cowbells, fx etc.)
  • Over 1,100 unique drum samples!


Please note this legacy ReFill is presented “as is”, and does contain a couple of Combinators that included amp devices which were later removed from Reason. Those patches will still open correctly, but will be missing the additional sound design provided by those original devices. For some baffling reason that’s never been adequately explained, the replacement Softube Amps default to “Off” rather than “Bypassed”.